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In this fun whole-day tour, you’ll visit the main tourist spots in São Paulo. From Paulista Avenue to the Municipal Market, including Vila Madalena and the Ibirapuera Park, places with history, culture and good pictures.

Paulista Ave

Inaugurated on December 8 of 1891, Paulista Avenue has become one of the main geographic, financial and touristic landmarks of the city of São Paulo. From the address of coffee barons to the headquarters of great banks, the place has Always had a status of importance in the biggest and wealthiest city in the country. It is the stage for political demonstrations and cultural manifestations.

The group will visit the Trianon Park and MASP for a photo shoot. .

Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena - or Vila Madá as those familiar with it call it – is one of the hippest and busiest neighborhoods in São Paulo, and one of the coolest in the world. There are countless bars, restaurants, galleries, graffitti, nightclubs and stores spread around streets with unusual names like Aspicuelta (a Spanish priest from the 16th century), Girassol (Sunflower), Purpurina (Glitter) or Wisard.

Besides Batman’s Alley, the group will walk around and discover the neighborhood.

Mercado Municipal

Its notable architecture, marked by columns, domes and stain glass windows, has also helped make the Municipal Market, founded in 1933, a landmark. Idealized by Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo, it attracts attention for its famous stained glass windows, which, imported directly from Germany, illustrate themes of agriculture and farming.

LUNCH BREAK: The group will have options for lunch (not included in the package).

Downtown Area

Walk through Historic Downtown and visit to the main cultural, architectural and historic landmarks in the city, including Páteo do Collegio, Cathedral da Sé, Theatro Municipal, Mosteiro São Bento, Martinelli Building, among other.

• Visit to exhibition at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

• Visit to the belvedere of Ed. Martinelli

Ibirapuera Park

The Ibirapuera Park is the most important urban park in the city of São Paulo. It was inaugurated on August 21 of 1954 to celebrate the city’s four hundredth anniversary. 

Walk with introduction of historic aspects and fun facts about 40 points of interest.


  • 9-hour Guided Tour 
  • Tourism Guide specialized in São Paulo 
  • Executive Minibus with air conditioner


  • São Paulo Expo (Rod. dos Imigrantes, s/n - Km 1,5 - Vila Água Funda - São Paulo - SP) - Main Entrance


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